This is the set that came in a blister pack. I think I forgot to bid on this one the only time I saw it on eBay. Would really like to find it.
This is the original English deluxe set. I'll always be interested in these in superior condition.
Smurfs playing Jokari on the paddles themselves. I'm interested in anything really oddball like this.
Any information or equipment related to Jet Ball is needed.
I saw this video, or one like it, in department stores in the late 70's myself. I would love to get a copy of it in any format.
Apparently there was a mat sold separately for Hot Tennis. I'd like to find one.

In addition to the above, I'm looking for any sets that are sealed and unopened. Anything that is not pictured on the main page I would probably like pictures of even if I cannot acquire the item physically.