Jokari Sets Currently on Sale

The sets below are currently available for purchase, mostly through French vendors. Some of them ship to other countries and take international forms of payment, some do not. Click on the images to link to purchase site.

Searching on and will also find vendors for various available sets.

I will disable the links as I discover that they are no longer working.

While most of those look more suitable for children, these sets may be sturdier and more suited to serious play by adults:

This version made by Hudora seems mostly to be sold at German sites, like

A copycat game called "Fly Ball" can be purchased here.

Another version also called Fly Ball is made by a Chinese exporter called NewSkyWay. They appear to be strictly wholesale, so I hope you are interested in mass quantities. Click on the image to inquire.

A company called Artengo makes a Jokari clone which they call Ball's Back. It is sold in a UK sporting goods chain called Decathlon. Click on the image to purchase. (In the UK. They don't appear to ship to the US.)